Frequently Asked Questions

If you do only a website we take 30% as a down payment. If you want do marketing as well it will be 30% of website down payment + first month of marketing upfront.
It’s possible to make the website first before promoting it, but it's strongly not recommended. Why you shouldn’t do this:
- It's important to do the marketing analysis (keywords, competition, locations) before designing the website.
- without these analysis website is not going to optimize
- if you eventually decide to do the marketing you will need to pay extra for rebuilding the website and adjust it to analysis results
- we can do a lot of marketing without a website like: suggesting you best domain name for SEO, setting up listings on google maps and other business directories, starting link building
You can check out our page “Process” to see what services we use for the marketing page and the time frame.
We guarantee more customers after 6 months of working with us. Usually it is within 3 – 4 months, however it is hard to precisely estimate it. For more info about our guarantee policy, check out our page “Guarantee”.
We accept all credit cards as payment.
Our record speaks for itself we have over 450 satisfied clients. If needed we can provide references and case studies. Give us a call, tell us a little bit about your business. We will send you examples of similar companies we work with right now. You will be able to check if they are well promoted on your own. You can call them as well. Moreover we will prepare for you an analysis of your industry so you can have valuable information and a test of cooperation with us completely for free!

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