Pay-Per-Click Optimization Campaigns - Adwords

Our team has run dozens of Pay-Per-Click campaigns for clients, from the most popular AdWords campaigns on the Google search engine to display, or banner ads, campaigns, and remarketing campaigns.

The websites we create include:
  • Setting up an AdWords account
  • Analysis and selection of the most profitable keywords
  • Campaign setup advertising preparation
  • Setting specific goals on the page (conversions)
  • Campaign optimization to increase conversion rates

Adwords Campaigns

AdWords campaigns are the most popular type of Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You can expect full-service for your AdWords campaign. That means we begin with an account setup and budget assumptions. Then we analyze the phrases to find the most profitable ones, and examine the competition. Once an AdWords campaign is launched, we continuously monitor the results and optimize it to remain on budget and impact results. The results are the primary focus, which includes maximizing the number of visits to the website with the right price for each click.

Banner Campaigns

A banner campaign (display marketing) is a type of image marketing campaign specially designed for larger companies and online stores. This kind of advertisement consists of an image and text, most often encouraging the viewer to delve deeper into the product or service. We have many years of experience in running banner campaigns so our graphic designers and copywriters know which banners will work best!


Remarketing Campaigns

We also proudly offer a professionally run remarketing campaign. This campaign type shows ads to people who have already visited a given website. What's even better, you can set them up so that they display for people who almost made a purchase but changed their minds, leaving their selected items in their checkout basket. This type of promotional campaign is perfect for online stores, but it also works nicely for a business that cares about how every customer who visits a website thinks and feels about the process and the company.