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Examples of Websites We Have Promoted in the US:


Promoted in 13 locations across the region

$15 per lead, 110 phone calls and 20 emailed quote requests due to our online promotion per month

Promoted in 9 locations across the region

$9 per lead, 100 phone calls and 12 emailed quote requests due to our online promotion per month

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Promoted in 8 locations across the region

$11 per lead, 110 phone calls and 13 emailed quote requests due to our online promotion per month

Reviews From Our Clients

We are one of the best web design Chicago SEO companies in the US. See what our clients are saying about us:

Show Up On The 1st Page Of Google Repeatedly!

Promoting on all channels: SEO, Maps, Ads, Yelp & Others

Established 2006, seasoned internet marketers & webmasters

Since 2006, we’ve developed hundreds of websites and handled online marketing campaigns for hundreds of companies. The key to success is to achieve multiple appearances on the first page of Google search results at your target service areas.

Transparency is our main value so instead of bothering you with bunch of worthless information we decided to show you case studies of marketing campaigns we manage. All customers we present are real and the screen shots we made are 100% accurate. We would also like to encourage you to call to this companies and ask for references 🙂 This is the most efficient way to test our credibility.

How we work:

Only month-to-month commitment. Work with us as long as it is profitable for your business.

We use marketing strategies that have already been proven on Chicago hundreds service companies.

Comprehensive service. We handle everything from web design, graphic design, copywriting, and marketing to technical details like hosting and backups. So there is no need to hire any third parties. Focus on your business and just wait for results.

Detailed monthly report outlining the progress of our online marketing.

90% of our new customers get results in as low as 3 - 4 months.

Local promotion on Google, Yelp, Bing, maps, and more!

Experts in Local Online Promotion

Since 2006 we are planning, running, and optimizing marketing campaigns for service and manufacturing companies. Get the advantage of our knowledge and experience, and grow your business online with our web design Chicago SEO company!



With over 450 construction companies promoted so far, we are the first marketing agency solution for most service companies.



We are the local leader in website design and digital marketing since 2006. Our experience makes us the best SEO Chicago consultants able to boost your construction business.



With such extensive experience, we know exactly how to build a website for your business that will convert visitors into new customers.

Trust Our Local SEO Experts!

Because we value our clients, we exceed expectations on every webpage. Our unique website designs are tailored to your individual needs and are fully responsive using the latest technologies. Our marketing campaigns are no different, with promotional packages that bring you results. Plus, we create websites at a comfortable price without any hidden costs, and with no contracts, you can go month to month.

Always count on us to complete your website by the desired date, and for online promotions and website positioning, we provide a detailed monthly report outlining our progress. That’s why our clients trust in our collaboration.


Low-cost, High-end
Web Design Pricing

Common packages below


$ 900
  • Header with logo and phone number
  • Slider with a photo
  • Section "About"
  • Footer
  • Subpage "Contact"
  • Mobile friendly
  • Check example


$ 1400*
  • All from the basic package
  • Gallery with photos from the client's projects
  • Additional section "Services"
  • Additional section "Testimonials"
  • Contact form installed on the slider
  • Free logo design
  • "Contact" subpage
  • Website tested on IOS, Windows & Android
  • Website examples:
  • DUI Deerfield Authentic Carpentry Marek Prus


$ 2000*
  • All from standard package
  • First-class design for businesses focusing on high-end customers
  • Each website element is designed with the highest precision and it can be adjusted multiple times if needed
  • More information on the website
  • Dedicated subpages for each customer's service
  • Website examples:
  • Klempka Dental Miron HVAC Trinon Collegium
* We offer discounts of 20% for customers who order advertising for their company in parallel with the site. Prices for STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL websites without discounts are $1700 and $2500 respectively.

I hired this team to build me a professional website and to promote it. It's been just a couple of months and I can't believe the amount of requests for an estimate I receive. They totally exceeded my expectations in such a short time. My business displays on the first page in most important categories. It's worth every penny I pay for the SEO.

Darek Koczwara
Darek Koczwara
Darek & Sons Remodeling

Contact Us to Position Your Business Website for Success

Count on us to remove any doubts through great advice while presenting all the benefits and drawbacks of SEO Chicago. If you’re not sure whether your website is marketing your business properly, call us. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner you can identify your options through our free consultation. We’ll tell you everything you need to know. And we’re sure that our extensive experience in website design will help your business deal with your marketing challenges with personalized solutions. We have many SEO ideas, but it’s up to you to make the first move, so call us today!


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Effective Campaign Optimization Strategies For Your Business

We provide professional optimized campaign strategies for businesses. We excel in running Pay-Per-Click campaigns on websites and other digital platforms. We can help expand your digital presence and improve your corporate network online. We offer a wide range of services including AdWords for Google search engine results, banner campaigns, and marketing campaigns. Our website offer include:

Establish an AdWords account 

Analyze keywords

Setup campaign, ads

Determine website goals

Optimize campaigns for increased conversion

Local promotion on Google, Yelp, Bing maps and more!

We have broad expertise in running local promotions on different platforms and websites like Google, Yelp, and Bing, among others. We focus on managing promotional marketing for service companies in the United States that aim to achieve industry presence in particular regions. We strive to help various companies in expanding their network, building connections, and closing meaningful business deals through professional exposure and secure relations. Our company covers the following promotional services: 

Arranging company business cards 

Optimizing business cards - business description, images, contact information

Positioning business cards

Acquiring optimistic reviews

The Best SEO Solution For Your Website

As more businesses venture into website curation to market their products and services, come the need for professional SEO Chicago solutions for effective digital marketing. Over the years, we have successfully featured over 250+ companies on Google front pages. We apply transparent and honest work following updated Google recommendations.  Our methods are organic, simple, and user-friendly for convenient application. Expect a clean and professional transition when you hire us for your business website positioning. We provide the following services: 

Promotion Strategy Development

Keyword Analysis

Website Audit (links, website code, headers, meta tags)

On-Site Website Optimization for high-quality links

Website Development (homepage, subpages, evergreen content)

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with us is easy because we don’t have any locked-in contracts for our customers to sign. That means, we can handle your website on any budget through a month-to-month payment plan. Our clients have continued working with us because we make it convenient and our websites convert visitors into new customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the proactive business of ensuring as high a placement as possible in search results on search engines like Google. The process requires an understanding of the behavior of internet users and using that information to optimize certain features and content of the website so that it can reach the front page of a search list for as many viewers as possible. In a technical sense, the SEO process provides search engines with directives and annotations to allow for automatic and proper indexing and registering of webpages. The focus of SEO is not just on increasing traffic but also on providing quality to visitors. A coordinated SEO Chicago campaign results in higher traffic volume due to better positioning in the rankings, and in turn, greater revenues for your business.

Search engines are very technically smart, but they still need help. The largest of them (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) are always trying to find ways to improve their technologies to more efficiently search the web and provide users with higher quality results. But there are limitations to how search engines function. While proper SEO can bring your website to a higher position in the rankings to promote your business, a poorly run campaign can make things worse and may even take your website down entirely. In addition to sharing access to content with search engines, good website positioning can increase sales and profits. The online world is becoming more diverse, so companies that invest in SEO have a major advantage over their competitors, allowing them to offer their clients a higher level of service. No SEO Chicago at all can leave your business in limbo.

Promoting your business can only start properly by building your website. There are many marketing companies available that offer similar services, but beware as many of these may not be legitimate. Our team offers trusted professional website development throughout the United States. We have hundreds of website designs and so many satisfied customers have experienced our expertise firsthand. The websites we create are of the highest quality as we utilize our experience and the most modern technology in their production. Plus, they are fully responsive to operate on any device, from cell phones to tablets and all kinds of mobile devices, which is essential in today’s mobile world.

In short, as part of SEO, optimization works with the content, images, and the backend of a website to create something that the search engine will recognize as the most useful information for any given search in that area. This allows the search engine to position the website high on the search results list for a viewer. Many factors influence this positioning and some are kept confidential by the search engines. The most important part of SEO is constantly monitoring page position changes and remaining up to date with Google requirements. The experience of a large reputable company that handles website creation and SEO Chicago will have analytical specialists in website positioning that can help. We promise all this and more to capitalize on the best positioning for your website.

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We're Work to Meet Your Business Goals

We are experienced in positioning websites both companies of all sizes locally and globally. Building websites is right in our wheelhouse as we have been doing it for over 17 years. Allow us to create a website designed to make you money.

  • Digital Competitive Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Strategy and Analytics Consulting

We Serve Customers Throughout Chicagoland And Beyond

At Internet123 we’re a professional SEO company Chicago that specializes in web design in Chicagoland and beyond. Our SEO Agency is specialized in all types of services, so we strive to deliver quality-oriented results SEO services for an affordable price that will be custom tailored to each customer according to their specific needs. Chose the best web design company Chicago and make your business grow day by day.

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