2 - 3 business days

Interview, analyzes and strategy

Initial interview: What kind of services your company offers, which kind of jobs are the most profitable, where they're located, what is your service area, what neighborhoods do you prefer, etc.

Analysis: keywords, location, and your competition

Strategy: final proposition about what keywords we should choose and which areas will be the best to target


1 month

Marketing campaign launch

Build a website or optimize your current one

Optimize: content, heading, and metatag

Building local infrastructure through listings in: Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo, Yelp, and more

Website loading time boost, code, and image enhancement, installing caches, and Content Delivery Network

Moving the website to our server. Installing a firewall, real-time backup system, website monitoring tool with live email notifications about the website’s condition, and SSL green padlock

PPC campaign set up (optional)


Every month

Ongoing marketing actions

Content development

Link building

PPC campaign progress check and touch ups, every week for the first year

Analyzing data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, budget and strategy adjustments to boost the best performing channels and limit the weak ones

Report with insights about the campaign

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