An Image Is Worth 1000 Words – Especially On Your Website!

Social networks originally had text posts as their main focal point. Graphics has now taken over as the communication tool of choice. Strong visual content can convey an idea immediately. Research has shown that we are 65% more likely to remember information when it is with an image. The visual content that is used in social media is known as social media graphics. This includes Instagram Stories, Facebook photos, TikTok videos, Twitter gifs, Pinterest pins, LinkedIn infographics, and others. Other formats of social media graphics include cover art, typographic images, digital posters, and screenshots.

The Importance of Social Media Graphics in a Successful Online Business

The use of social media graphics is a perfect way to establish a visual identity for your brand or business. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The right social media graphics can be worth thousands of dollars in business. Graphic design is not just about an image it is a visual communication between your business and your customers.

Graphics are used in every stage of marketing strategies. They are used to attract, engage and inform potential customers about your products and services and finally to influence them to make a purchase or use a service.

Social media profiles and even your company’s listings on review sites all play a part in your overall visibility when potential clients are searching for a service or product. The images and photos that you post on your social media profiles are invaluable for catching the attention of prospective buyers. Google’s own research concludes that business listings with images:

  1. Receive 42% more requests for driving directions to the business location
  2. Receive 35% more clicks through to the business website

But it’s not enough to simply have that visual presence. If you want to get the most from your listing, your photos must be carefully chosen, optimized, and regularly updated.

When you use images on social media sites, you want them to look clear and be of a good size. It is important to get the size correct so that no matter what device your potential customers are using: a phone, tablet or pc, the image has good resolution and can be seen clearly. Image optimization is the process of reducing the size of your image without reducing its quality. It is crucial for a website’s success because it affects conversions, website speed and SEO techniques that you may be used to improve your visibility.

Product images are so important because they’re the only preview that online shoppers can get of a product before deciding to purchase. It’s not just about photos and images of products, to really make an impressive web presence, You need to ensure your photos and images are perfect when displayed.

Google Profile Picture Size

when you change your Google profile picture, it also changes on other accounts like Gmail and Youtube, so you need to make sure you do it right. Google will reject images that are not an appropriate size. So if you attempt to upload a profile picture that Google thinks Is too small, it will be rejected and you’ll need to upload a larger image.

The best Google profile picture size is 180 x180 pixels, size matters! If you add a larger picture, than this, Google resizes it, Which could mean you lose valuable information.

Google my business post image

Google My Business is an excellent digital marketing platform that can be used to boost your website’s visibility and ability to reach a larger audience. It is a fantastic marketing tool for business owners because you can post virtually all details about your business in your Google My Business listing. Your company then becomes listed on Google Maps Google search and local business suggestions.

In addition to details of your business, you can also upload images and photos. Your images will look best if they meet Google size standards. The recommended Google My Business post image size is 480×270 with an aspect ratio of 4:3. If you don’t use these sizes Google will resize your image and it may not appear properly in search results. If this happens your Google My Business post images could end up hurting rather than helping your business.

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